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October 2003





by Florence Hoatson


Yellow the bracken,

Golden the sheaves,

Rosy the apples,

Crimson the leaves;

Mist on the hillside,

Clouds grey and white.

Autumn, good morning!

Summer, good night!


From The Book of 1000 Poems; The Classic Collection, Collins





Were delighted to have fully moved into the parish over the summer. Though the dry summer weather caused the grass to become scorched, Ive been reliably informed that it was just the right conditions for a bumper crop of early blackberries. Unfortunately, most will have been harvested and eaten by the time we get to our Harvest Festival season.


This year, St Giles is holding its Harvest Festival on Sunday 5 October. The 9.45 a.m. Family Service will provide us with an opportunity to give thanks to God for creating all that provides food to sustain us. Please join us if you can and if you know of anyone who would benefit from a harvest gift, please contact the church office on 622971. Please bring, to the service, non-perishable items only.


I guess its easy to question the validity of holding a Harvest Festival when so few of us are directly involved in food production, not forgetting those with allotments of course! However, even if most of us obtain our food from Waitrose, Sainsburys, or MacDonalds, it does us good to stop and reflect on the fact that these outlets are only stocked up, because of the raw materials found in nature God has revealed something of his generosity through the abundance and variety of what he has created.


I cant think about the rich supplies of food we enjoy in this country for very long without being reminded of the millions of people who would be grateful for any kind of meal to eat. Although its not Christian Aid Week until May, perhaps as part of your Harvest celebration, you might consider supporting their work amongst the hungry world, or how about taking your used newspapers and magazines to the Christian Aid bins at St Martins Car Park in Ruislip.


It is not just shopping for food, which provides an extensive array of choice in our western society. Amazingly, we even have a bewildering


degree of choice when searching for telephone numbers come back 192, all is forgiven! It is tempting to deceive ourselves with the thought that humanity is in control of itself when we have the ability to offer ourselves so many different options. However, the ultimate realities of life and death are in Gods hands and we have little choice about these matters. Harvest is a good time to reflect about where the source of life and sustenance comes from and give thanks to our generous, faithful and loving God.


Happy Harvest from the new Curate!






DROP-IN FOR THE BEREAVED. Third Monday of each month. St.Giles Church Hall, 2 to 3.30 p.m. A friendly, informal opportunity for a chat, over a cup of tea, with other bereaved people and pastoral visitors. The next meeting is Monday 20th October (also Monday 17th November). Just come along, or ring the Rectory (622970) if you would like to talk to someone first.



ICKENHAM GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME exists to serve the whole of Ickenham. Were here to assist in an emergency. If you need help, the daytime contact numbers are: 01895 633020 or 01895 235061.


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