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March 2007

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Ickenham Church News - March 2007

150 People Living with HIV/AIDS received goats and pigs to boost their income and food security to become self-reliant.
Child participation is being enhanced; a CIP recites a poem on how girls should be protected against violence.

Last month the Parochial Church Council of St Giles’, and the Elders of the U.R.C., agreed to develop a long-term Ickenham wide community project to assist the charity World Vision to undertake its development plan for a deprived area of Southern Uganda. Our vision is to link the whole community of Ickenham to the community in Rukiga, via the Churches and World Vision.  This represents a new way for the charity to operate. It’s not just about raising money as we hope that Ickenham residents will give their time, talents and expertise to help achieve the development goals identified by the people of Rukiga.

Rukiga County, which is located at the Uganda-Rwanda border, was adversely affected by the Rwanda war of 1990 to 1994. Many people were displaced, infrastructure destroyed, property and lives were lost.  Soon after the war, this community faced a prolonged drought that resulted in a famine.

The World Vision programme started with relief supplies and resettlement kits. It has now moved into a long-term transformational development programme that focuses on the plight of women, children, and the vulnerable people in the community using approaches that involve contributions by members of its own community and many others.

The overall programme goal is: improved standard of living for at least 10,000 households in Rukiga County by the year 2012.

This will be pursued through the three main objectives of Health; Education and Childcare; and Agriculture.

At the end of the programme, communities will have been empowered to address the socio-economic needs that may arise at the household or community level.

A decision for the people of Ickenham
Our two churches have decided to undertake this project as part of our wish to ‘make poverty history’ in this part of Uganda, and we are seeking the involvement of the Community in Ickenham. To begin with we will commit to support the scheme for its first two years whilst we get to know that community better.

After that we aim to move closer to our goal of enabling the community of Rukiga become more self reliant by assisting the community of Ickenham, as a whole, to become a partner in helping that County.

As a first step we have committed to supporting a small part of the World Vision plan, but after that a visit by a small team to the area will allow us to commit to a larger programme over a longer period.

Regular, future, editions of ICN will outline in some detail just how we are developing ideas in partnership with World Vision. Gradually we will seek your advice, talents and help, but we want to hear from you if you would like to play your part. Is Ickenham ready for this very exciting and worthwhile community project?



After seven years, David Crane, our ICN Editor, is going to retire from that post.  Also Joyce Hodt is retiring from her role in preparing bundles of ICN for delivery, and David Keites is retiring as Advertising

  • David’s last edition will be next month (April) and the new team will start by producing the May edition.  We are very grateful to all three for giving their time, energy and expertise, to the production of the magazine, and also to Sue Crane for her involvement in proof reading each month.

  • Further information about the new team will be in the April edition including contact details.  In the meantime, we thank the following for agreeing to be part of the new editorial group:

  • Heather Piper - Editorial Team Co-ordinator. Contact Heather for general enquiries or if you would like to submit an article for a future edition of ICN.

  • Joyce Arnold - Distribution Co-ordinator. Contact Joyce if you are able to help deliver ICN or, if you are unable to carry out your current round temporarily.  Also if you find you can no longer help us with your round. If this is the case can you find for us a permanent or temporary substitute? (Joyce is taking over from David Crane in June).

  • Edwin Lee - Advertising Co-ordinator. Contact Edwin if you would like to advertise in the ICN, ICNOnline, or have amendments to make to an advertisement.

  • Patricia Lee - Forthcoming Events Co-ordinator. Contact Patricia about your event being included on the Forthcoming Events page of the ICN.

  • Karen and Gavin McArtney-Roberts will be receiving the magazine from the printers, bundling them and telephoning the distributors to collect their packages.

  • Alan and Janet Noad will act as proofreaders.

  • Michael Burton is our online editor.

  • Alastair Fischbacher is our webmaster.

  • Jenny Simmonds records and distributes tapes for the blind.

  • Alan Grove distributes postal copies of ICN.

Adrian Guthrie (Rector - St Giles’ Church)


DROP-IN FOR THE BEREAVED. Third Monday of each month. St Giles’ Church Hall, 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. A friendly, informal opportunity for a chat, over a cup of tea, with other bereaved people and pastoral visitors.  The next meeting is Monday 19th March (also Monday 16th April). Just come along, or ring the Rectory (622970), if you would like to talk to someone first.


ICKENHAM GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME exists to serve the whole of Ickenham. We’re here to assist in an emergency. If you need help, the daytime contact numbers are: 01895 633020 or 01895 235061.

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