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June 2008

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Ickenham Church News - June 2008

URC Daytime Services

Sunday Mornings 11.00am
   (inc Junior Church and Crèche)
   (Holy Communion, 1st Sunday)

Sunday Evening Services

The two churches join together on Sunday evenings as follows:
   2nd Sun – Choral Evensong at St Giles’ (6.30pm)
   3rd Sun – Holy Communion at the URC (6.30pm)
   4th Sun – ‘Live@ Five’ at St Giles’ Church Hall (5pm

St Giles’ Daytime Services

Sunday Mornings –
   8.00am Holy Communion
   9.45am Holy Communion (with Junior Church
                and Creche) – (1st Sunday: Family Service)
   11.30am Matins with Holy Communion (1st Sunday)

Thursdays –
   10.00am Holy Communion



The mindless act of vandalism which stopped the Village Hall clock in its tracks has been put to rights.  Overseeing the repairs to the clock he commissioned on behalf of the Village Hall for the Millennium, was none other than George Richman.  Resident in Ickenham for over 40 years, George has devoted a lot of that time to clocks and the Village Hall.

His love of clocks started when he inherited one from an aunt and his engineering curiosity led him to determine to make one for himself.  He made a very fine skeleton clock which won the silver medal at the 1980 Wembley Exhibition of Model Engineering.  And so he went on to become a member of the British Horological Institute and since then has repaired hundreds of clocks from around Ickenham.  

Apart from the Village Hall clock, the two others we residents see most are on the Ickenham Library clock tower.  These had been defunct for over 40 years when his friend Alan Woods suggested that George should do something about it.  And of course he did, specifying and installing what was required, having recruited local artist Roy Lipscombe to repaint the dials.

George and his wife Joyce have enjoyed a long and active connection with the Village Hall.  For 12 years they were respectively Chairman and Secretary and today hold the posts of Vice-Chairman and Membership Secretary.  One of their most successful projects was the replacement of the roof – costing nearly £90,000.  Much research and consultation was required since the timber frame is inadequate to support conventional tiles, demanding a special lightweight material to be researched, approved and installed.  Thus the Village Hall continues to perform its vital function for the people of Ickenham and this was later recognised by the coveted award of the Swakeleys Shield during George’s tenure as Chairman.

The last word should go to the Hall’s present Chairman, Cavin Higgins, who says “George is a real gem and the perfect colleague to have by your side when running a facility as important to the community as the Village Hall.  It’s difficult to imagine what we’d do without George and Joyce!”

DROP-IN FOR THE BEREAVED.  Third Monday of each month.  St Giles’ Church Hall, 2pm to 3.30pm. A friendly, informal opportunity for a chat, over a cup of tea, with other bereaved people and pastoral visitors.  The next meeting is on Monday 16th June (then Monday 21st July).  Just come along, or ring the Rectory (622970) if you would like to talk to someone first.

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